Attn: Adam & Evestrough

Recently we communally pulled together the funds for the rectory roof.  Fantastic!

The mighty summer rains have highlighted another building need – repair is needed for the rectory eavestroughs.  Join us in this campaign to reach $6900 by the end of September!

You can donate in person by means of a designated envelope or through Canada Helps under the ‘Rectory Roof and Upkeep’ category.


With special  thanks to a few members of Sunday School who created this awesome poster. :)


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Celebration of New Ministry Service


Please join us for a Celebration of New Ministry service for our new incumbent Rev’d Simon Davis and family.  This Eucharist service will be held on Sunday, May 29th at 4pm at St George the Martyr with a tasty St George potluck to follow.

Note: Clergy are encouraged to vest; the liturgical colour is red.
Directions to St George the Martyr.
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Spring Clean & BBQ at St George

Roll up those sleeves and join us on Saturday, April 30th from 9-3 as we collectively Spring Clean the St George facility.  The hit list includes our many windows, the kitchen, the courtyard, the sanctuary, and anywhere you would like to apply some elbow grease. Coffee and goodies to sustain; and a BBQ lunch to reward.  Come on out!

2014-07-26 11.51.20

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Holy Week Service Times

Journey with us Through Holy Week

The services of Holy Week are intended to allow us as believers to enter into the mysteries of Jesus Christ’s passion, death, and resurrection.  As we enter into the rhythm of this liturgical week, we become participants in the events of this week in Jesus’ life.  Through the various services we discover the meaning of our Lord’s death and resurrection, as it is illuminated through scripture and prayers.  We invite you to journey with us through scripture, prayer and worship through a wide variety of liturgies with our local community.

 During Holy Week, as we prepare to celebrate and remember the death and resurrection of Jesus, it is a good opportunity to reflect on your own life.  Private Confession is a sacrament available in the Anglican Church.  If you are interested in making a private confession, please speak to Fr. Harold for instruction and to set an appointment.

 March 20: Passion/Palm Sunday, 9am, 10am, 10:45am: We enter Holy Week with the liturgy of the Palms and the liturgy of the Passion. We celebrate Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem and look ahead to his crucifixion. The service will begin with a procession of palms, and our liturgy and worship will lead us through the scriptures set for these two liturgies.

March 24: Maundy Thursday, 7pm:  We celebrate the Last Supper: where Christ modelled servanthood for his disciples through the washing of their feet and instituted the Lord’s Supper while celebrating the Passover with his disciples. The service will take us from the upper room to the Garden of Gethsemane.

March 25: Good Friday: Procession of the Cross 10am: Join us as we walk through our parish praying and reflecting on the Stations of the Cross along the way, as we reflect and pray the stations of the cross we will also reflect on the life of our neighbourhood with visits to various historical sites in our community. Procession will start and end at the church building.

March 25: Good Friday Reflection 1pm: We continue to reflect on the themes of the Passion and the Death of Jesus through a reflective service, focusing on the passion and crucifixion of Jesus.

March 26: Easter Vigil, 7pm: We gather as the sun sets to celebrate the Great Vigil of Easter. This evening service marks the start of Easter, and leads us from darkness into light.  Through the reading of scripture we explore the themes of God’s salvation through the Hebrew Scriptures and celebrate the first liturgy of Easter.

March 27: Easter Day 9am, 10am, 10:45am: Join us as we continue to celebrate the resurrection of Christ throughout Easter Day with our regular services.  Our Area Bishop, the Rt. Rev. Philip Poole, will preside and preach at the 10:45am Service.  Following the service we will share a potluck meal to celebrate the resurrection of Christ together as a community.


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Incumbency Update

IMG_0069In gratitude, we are able to announce that…

  • The Rev. Canon Harold Nahabedian has been appointed Interim Priest-in-Charge of St. George the Martyr, Parkdale as of February 14, 2016.
  • The Rev. Simon Davis has been appointed Incumbent of St George the Martyr, Parkdale as of April 10, 2016.

Thanks be to God!


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Ash Wednesday Services at St George

Ash Wednesday Services-page0001

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Shrove (Pancake) Tuesday

Mark your calendars and get your pancake on!  On Tuesday, Feb 9 at 6pm join the pancake party in the Fellowship Hall at St George the Martyr.

If you are able, bring a fruit dish to share.  If you are a flapjack flipper by trade (or just want to help out) please join us in the kitchen from 5pm on!

For those wondering just what this Shrove Tuesday is anyway, read this for starters.

Sweet dreams.


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Incumbency Update

It is with sadness that we must sat goodbye to Rev’d Simon Bell as he moves on as Incumbent at St Margaret’s of Scotland in Barrie as of February 1st.  As priest at St George for 5 years, Simon’s positive affect on the life, culture, and DNA of St George goes beyond words – and we are most grateful.  

Simon, Amy and Ernest, you will be missed and our doors are always open for your visits; welcoming as you have taught us to welcome.  As one of our 6 year old parishioners so aptly put it, “You rock at priesting!”

Stole made by Illuminate Youth Art Drop-In

Stole by Illuminate Youth Art Drop-In

Wed afternoons won't be quite the same

Wednesday afternoons won’t be quite the same

A sweet send-off

A sweet send-off














Well written words by Teresa, a parishioner at St George the Martyr:

Living downtown is constantly filled with change. People come and people go. It is constantly transforming. Today Maddie, Keagan and I, said goodbye to Simon, our priest, a community leader, a friend and a support person in my village of child raising. He came into our lives at a pivotal moment. Transforming our lives and filling it with creativity, laughter, kindness, understanding, and art. He taught us about true compassion, empathy, community, spirituality, about healthy boundaries and about South African sayings. Simon, (Amy and Ernie too!) You will be missed more than words can express and our family has been filled with overwhelming gratitude for everything you have taught us and our time together. Thank you. We wish you well as you move onwards and upwards (to the true North).

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Mini-Doc on St George the Martyr

St George the Martyr  – A mini-doc on the history of our church courtesy of VicMar Video Productions.  A brilliant visual treasure to have and help us remember the past 170 years. For our yesterdays, our todays and our tomorrows, we give Him thanks!

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Christmas Services


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